Sunday, 11 December 2016

Looking More Wintery

   Snow has been threatening for a few days now but finally it is falling in earnest. I have put the car away just in case there is a sizeable accumulation, and looked out the snow shovel. Hopefully it will only be a couple of inches. It is only a few degrees below zero so not too uncomfortable.

    I didn't go out much today - just to the store for a few groceries. There's still lots of food in the freezer so it was basically just fresh fruit and veg. I had a beautiful salmon fillet for dinner tonight (the first time I have cooked a proper dinner in almost a week!) and with it just chopped cabbage. It was delicious, very buttery and peppery, the only things I  seasoned it with. It took me back to my childhood as cabbage was a big part of our diet, appearing on the dinner table a couple of times a week. Now I very rarely  buy it as it takes me ages to eat a whole cabbage, but all the other greens were very expensive today at the store. I will have to try and find several different ways of cooking it but it does keep quite a long time.

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