Tuesday, 6 December 2016

First Meal Out

     No tennis today as I was due at the Senior's Centre by 11:30 for the first of four lunches out this week. I had heard a rumour that we were to be served roast beef so I took along a jar of horseradish - I don't enjoy roast beef without a healthy doze of horseradish!

     The meal, just $15, was excellent value - a small salad, meat, potatoes and green beans followed by a deliciously moist cake and coffee. I was lucky to get a piece of cake (rather small) as they ran out just after me. Luckily they were able to come up with some more cake for those who missed out!

   The meal was followed by The Hawaian dance troupe dancing to Christmas tunes - they were quite wonderful - and then an opportunity to try it out ourselves. I didn't feel I had overeaten but just had a light meal tonight. There's another big feed coming up tomorrow! 

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