Friday, 9 December 2016

Meals # 4,5 and 6

    After fitness class this morning I stayed at the Centre for the bi-annual meeting of the committee that runs the social side of things. It wasn't a very long meeting but the presence of at least 15 members was required. As an incentive we were promised a "light Lunch" which duly arrived at noon and turned out to be pizza. I took a piece but saved it for later as I was going out to Remezzio for lunch with the ladies from my fitness class. I just had a bowl of minestrone but it was tasty. That was meal #4.

   Later that afternoon I was on the road to Swiss Chalet for the Festive Special with the family. The traffic was quite heavy but all eight of us arrived on time. It was my treat and they were all well fed, especially the kids. That was the final meal of the week and I survived by eating sparingly (except for Wednesday when I did overdo it) and eating very little at other times. The pizza I will have for a bedtime snack.

    I'm not going to weigh myself for a few days in the hope I can get myself back onto my more abstemious diet (no starches). Hopefully it won't be too shocking!

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