Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Here and There

   Tennis this morning with Carol, Hendrina and Joan. We played hard but stopped a bit early as Hendrina had to leave. I drove Joan to the bus stop on Don Mills - she has a long bus ride home but it was on my way.

   It was rather chilly this morning and a wind got up in the afternoon. I managed several chores after tennis - the library first then picked up a new spray bottle (for Windex) at the dollar store. Finally croissants and a poinsettia at the grocery store. In the afternoon I hit the bulk food store to replenish the dried fruit that went into the plum pudding and Christmas cake, and also more bread machine flour. Tuesday is Senior's discount day. Last stop was Wal-Mart for some seed bells for the birds. I will hang them on the hooks on the front porch where my hanging baskets go in the summer. It will take the birds a few days to find them then they will be well used.

  I am going to try to make falafels for dinner tonight as I bought a mix at the bulk food store. I will have them with a piece of salmon and cabbage. Stay tuned!

I got 8 falafel balls for just under $1. They were tasty but a little spicier than I usually like!


  1. I love falafel with taziki (spelling?) sauce and hot sauce. I've never made them from a mix. Now I am craving them. -Jenn

  2. I got it at the bulk food store. Go on, indulge!