Saturday, 17 December 2016

A Change in the Weather

     We had quite a dump of snow overnight but the cold weather has abated. Elliot helped me clear the driveway using the snowblower and Natalie and James helped a little too so it didn't take long. The kids left around 11:00 and, although I love having them here, I was quite glad to have the house to myself again. There were a few sprinkles of rain when I went out to clear the sidewalk and back path so I put the car back in the garage as it is likely to freeze overnight.

   A pot of soup on the stove for lunch - cabbage, carrot - while I was out shovelling,and chicken thighs and mushrooms (with more cabbage) for dinner. Judy brought over a couple of "petits fours" leftover from the party when she came to pick up the kids so I had a special treat after dinner.

    Lots of fresh air today so I should sleep well tonight!


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