Thursday, 8 December 2016

Meal 3

   Today it was the Probus Club lunch at Parkway Manor. Now I know this sounds like a retirement home but it is actually a rather swanky convention centre. It`s newly opened and we got our meals for the introductory price of $25 (slightly subsidized by Probus). I had trouble finding the location as it is a little off the beaten track and not visible from the road but I arrived with time to spare.

   Donna et al had saved me a seat and soon the meeting began with many jokes and much hilarity. The best one was about a grandmother who never received `thank you` notes from her grandkids for their Christmas cheques. However, the next year they all arrived at her house to thank her. The reason: she hadn`t signed the cheques! Next we were entertained by a superb performer who sang show tunes and other music from the years of our youth. She had quite a spectacular voice as well as an entertaining manner and got a standing ovation when she finished. Well deserved!

   A delicious meal ensued - salad, salmon or turkey )I chose salmon) and veggies followed by chocolate encased ice cream with coffee. Not too stuffed this time as I ate sparingly so I might manage a small meal later tonight.

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