Sunday, 4 December 2016

Being Domestic

   Lucy left around 9:00 p.m. last night just as I was measuring out dried fruit to soak for a fruit cake. I just used all the fruit I had left over from the plum pudding and doused it in brandy, sherry and Marsala,  just what I had in the liquor cabinet.

    Today, after breakfast and my usual Sunday chores ("cleanliness is next to Godliness" my mother used to say when she decided not to attend church), I started on the fruit cake. I had researched several recipes last night and decided on one that used mostly ingredients I already had in the pantry. It took me about an hour so I had it baking by noon. The biggest chore was to line and wrap the cake pan and the cake was so dense it was difficult to mix.  However, it baked up nicely and got a final dousing of Marsala after it cooled. I can't wait to try it although I haven't decided yet whether to top it with marzipan and icing or just leave it plain. I will let it age for a while before I decide.

   While the cake was baking I got out the Christmas cards and took care of that chore. I wrote 13 overseas cards which should go in the mail tomorrow. The rest can go next week, but I will keep the cards handy in case I receive any I haven't sent to.

    Chicken thighs again tonight and I think I will open a can of corn to go with it. I haven't had corn since the last time the farmer came to his spot on Birchmount sometime in September. I see the property he usually sells from has been sold so he won't be back next year. I will have to find another farmer's market.

   Fire's on so it is nice and cozy in here. I have hardly been out all weekend but I have a busy week coming up so was quite happy to vegetate at home. Stay posted for my busy week!

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