Saturday, 24 December 2016

The Day Before the Big Day

      Phew! I think all is done but I am relieved to put my feet up for the evening. The capon is roasted and dismembered and the stuffing dug out, the gravy is made as is a bowlful of mashed carrot and sweet potato. The tables are set (we are having a `children`s table as I can`t quite fit 11 people around my dining table) and to my relief, I have enough plates, glasses and cutlery. I`m sure everything will go smoothly tomorrow and everyone will get fed.

    Tomorrow I will prepare the shrimp for the first course and cook two kinds of potatoes, roasted and mashed. There`s also another stuffing to cook. Luckily I read the instructions today as it requires quite a long time in the oven, cooked from frozen. Then there`s the plum pudding to heat up and flambe and mincemeat tarts to heat up. The oven and the microwave will be in constant use! The bird looked great but I forgot to take a photo before I carved it up. Well, I`m sure there will be another opportunity next year.

    I doubt I will be blogging tomorrow so let me wish all my readers a wonderful day tomorrow with family and friends and a restful holiday.

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