Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Playing Catchup

   I went to a movie yesterday afternoon so it was too late to post a comment when I got home and got straight into fixing something for dinner. The movie was "Manchester By the Sea", a very moving story of families with quite a satisfying, although sad, ending. I would highly recommend it. Casey Affleck had the main role and he was excellent.

   I had spent yesterday morning dusting and vacuuming so felt I deserved a treat, and today was more of the same. This time it was cleaning the carpets, a chore I have been putting off for months. There's nothing like expecting visitors to get you moving! Steve phoned last night to see if he could invite some friends for Christmas lunch but will let me know if they decide to take him up in the invite. Seemingly they are out of their condo for some reason and staying in a hotel - not the best place to spend Christmas with their youngster

   While the carpets dried I ran a few errands and got everything I was looking for. I bought two new lampshades for the lamps in the family room and they look very smart. I was a bit early for my shift in the coffee bar but went there anyway and found no one had arrived for the morning shift so went right to work. There were very few people there and I only got through two pots of coffee. But the card group was having a pot luck lunch and invited us to join them. There was a ton of food so I may have over indulged again. So far I haven't felt the urge to prepare any dinner but may have a little snack later.

   I recently received the following photo from my holiday earlier in the Fall. It was taken in Valencia by the tour rep.

A very friendly and compatible group! I'm in the front row, fifth from the left.

A big improvement on the earlier version! Too many plants - they live outside during the summer.


  1. You're right. There is nothing so motivating as having a gathering at your house to get you cleaning up! -Jenn

  2. Too tired to do any more. Tomorrow's another day!