Thursday, 15 December 2016

Sooo cold!!!

   It is barely winter and already I've had enough of it! The wind today was straight from the North Pole and so strong that I raced from house to car and back again - and I had neglected to wear my boots. The snow was piling up really fast. I hate to think what tomorrow morning will bring. In any case I will have the battery for the snowblower ready to go as I have a brunch date at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow.

   I accomplished quite a bit this morning - got my passport photos taken ($30, ouch!) and the application in the mail, Got to Mah Jong class just a bit late, and then an afternoon of Bridge. I played with Pauline but, even though we had some good hands, I think Bonnie and Dianne came out on top. A very slippery drive home - thank goodness it wasn't too far - and then home to effectively hibernate until the storm dies out.

   I didn't feel like cooking tonight so I've defrosted a few shrimp and will have them with leftovers from yesterday. There's also the jam turnover as a treat!

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