Wednesday 30 November 2016

Still Mild

    Double digit (11C) weather again today, but rainy, and I heard that Windsor (the most southerly point in Canada at Latitude 42 degrees) got up to 18C! Hard to believe for the last day of November.

   My usual Wednesday - fitness class at 9:00 and again at 11:15 (although the second one I only stay for 30 minutes as my shift in the coffee bar starts at 12:00), then serving coffee and snacks for a couple of hours. However, I closed up early and went to Book Club. We had a great discussion of "The Illegal" by Lawrence Hill (a Canadian author) although most people had some misgivings about it. His first book "Book of Negroes" was so well written that I think quite a few of us were disappointed that this one didn't quite meet expectations. At least it engendered strong opinions which made for an interesting afternoon!

    Last night's fish dish was not the unqualified success I had expected, but I finished it tonight with a broccoli casserole, followed by a perfectly ripe kiwi. Now I am stuffed and definitely won't need any more food tonight!

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