Friday 18 November 2016

Kept on my Toes

   A busy morning - I slept late but was showered, fed (half a banana with peanut butter and some yogurt) and out for fitness class by 8:45! Left there around 10:30 after coffee (two cookies) and chat, and stopped off at the plaza for a birthday card for Natalie. I decided to hop into the drug store to get my 'flu shot which took a while but I was home by 11:30. A quick change then back out to rake leaves and generally tidy the garden. All my bins are now full, in fact I had to store the last of the leaves in plastic bags (can't put them out) and will transfer them to the bins after Wednesday's pickup.

    It was an extremely nice day so I sat out in the sun, reading the newspaper, until lunch time (half an apple and a bowl of carrot lentil soup) and was quite ready for a nap after all that activity and fresh air. Right now I am watching tennis from London - they're in the third set so it won't be long - then I plan to make a quiche or frittata with cheese, tomato and red pepper. Then the cupboard will be virtually bare, ready for grocery shopping tomorrow.

     Valencia: the old and the new.


  1. Hello Chris. You came over to my blog so I thought I'd have a peek at yours. I'm glad to find another interesting blog to follow! -Jenn

  2. You're the first person to leave a comment in ages! Hope you'll visit again.