Tuesday 29 November 2016

A Productive Day

   The bad news - Frank, our Bridge teacher didn't show up for the lesson today. Hope nothing serious is the matter. The good news - there were enough of us to play a few hands so we had a pleasant two hours. That was to have been our last lesson and I am in two minds whether to sign up for the next session starting in January. I will think about it over the break.

    I had done my shopping before the class started and was home by noon, just in time to do a bit of yard work before lunch. I got the last of the leaves binned, and cut back a couple of evergreens that were looking rather bushy and encroaching on my neighbours yard. He will be happy! I even sat out in the sun and decided it was warm enough to have lunch at the picnic table. It was 15C, sunny and only a slight breeze. I wonder if that will be a record for November 29th. Can't believe Thursday will be the start of December.

   After a nap I tackled another Christmas chore - mincemeat tarts. They turned out beautifully and will go in the freezer until needed. I think the secret is to spray the pan with cooking spray as not one of them stuck.

Enough for everyone!

   Dinner tonight is an inspiration - basa fillet baked with onions, mushrooms, salsa and grated cheese. It should be delicious. Stop by tomorrow for the verdict and some photos!

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