Friday, 11 November 2016

Almost Better

   This is the first day I have felt more like my normal self although still a bit stuffed up. I went to fitness class this morning and almost didn't manage to keep  it up for an hour. Either I am out of practice, having been away from it for three weeks, or my lung capacity is slightly reduced. But I hung in and managed to keep going at an easier pace.

   Nothing else on the schedule - it was bitterly cold this morning, although the sun was shining, and got even colder this afternoon, so no outdoor chores today.  I got out all my winter woollies yesterday, and had gloves on for the first time this year. The weekend is supposed to be warmer and my main job is to put compost on the roses and other delicate perrenials.

   Yesterday I raked the front lawn and bagged up a ton of leaves ready for the next pickup. The grass got its final mowing but I will need to rake again (unless it snows first) as all the leaves aren't down yet.

   Still eating chicken but I made a brocolli casserole with lots of cheese, onions and roasted red peppers. It was yummy!

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