Wednesday 16 November 2016

Tennis on TV

     Firstly an addendum to yesterday's post. I forgot to mention that after the RWTO lunch yesterday, the entertainment, a flute ensemble, had us singing along to carols. They played so well that it was no effort to join in and sing along. Yesterday was also the day for our members to bring in Christmas gifts which will be distributed to needy families by our local police station which does a huge toy drive next month.

   Today started off mild (14C) but rainy. However, it dried up in the afternoon and the temperature dropped to around 10C. I think we have some colder weather coming. I took some paperbacks into the Senior's Centre this morning prior to my exercise class. They sell them for the princely sum of 25 cents to raise money for special events.

    It has been a great week for tennis on TV as the Sports channel has been showing the Masters tournament from London. Usually there is a dearth of tennis matches on our channels but I guess this is of sufficient importance to earn coverage. This round robin contest showcases the top eight players of the year battling for the top spot and there is a Canadian in the mix. He's not doing too well but there are still several matches to go.

     One last photo from my garden which I took a couple of days ago. The plant, echinicea, is now cut back and smothered with mulch to ensure it survives the freezing winter temperatures.

    I have eaten lightly today (except for a couple of cookies as I was working the coffee bar) and I have a nice piece of fish to cook for dinner. I think I will coat it in a breadcrumb mixture and fry it. That should keep me until tomorrow's breakfast.

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