Tuesday 22 November 2016

A Busy Few Days

Sunday and today I was out from early morning to early evening but I managed a morning at home on Monday. The weather has been bitterly cold - temperatures hovering at or just below freezing and a very strong north wind. It felt like it was coming directly from the North Pole. We're just not ready for this cold yet!

    Into the bargain there was a reasonable amount of snow to contend with although not enough that it required shovelling. Hopefully it will all be gone later in the week when it's supposed to be a bit milder. One can only hope. I spent Sunday with the grandkids - it was Natalie's birthday so I stayed for dinner and cake (actually 3 as It was Steve and Alison's birthdays a few days previously and Judy made them each a cake.

    I have managed to stay warm without burning too much fuel. Monday afternoon I spent at the Senior's Centre playing Bridge and I was back there again today for the Bridge class. This morning I played tennis at Hendrina and Carol's condo and we were sweating after an hour and a half. After Bridge class I did a bit of shopping ( buying the ingredients for the plum pudding) and then went to Cineplex to see "Arrival" - a very confusing film which I don't think should have received four stars. I will have to ask someone who has also seen it to explain it to me.

   I got home around 6:30, had a quick dinner of leftovers, and am now cosily tucked up by the fire, watching TV. Nothing much on tonight but since I didn't have a nap, I think I will have an early night.

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