Monday, 28 November 2016

Out And About

   Still feeling a bit queasy and have hardly eaten anything so far today. Unfortunately, my pills are supposed to be swallowed with food so I had to force down some yogurt for breakfast. Lunch was half an apple and dinner will be an egg and some toast.

    However, I didn`t let my queasy stomach stop me from going to Have-a-Java club this morning! This was the inaugural meeting so I didn`t want to miss it. 23 people showed up, quite a few familiar faces and some I hadn`t seen in a while so it was a very social couple of hours. The location is ideal for our group and there`s lots of parking so we will be returning in January for our next meeting. I went straight from there to Bridge and played with Maria - not our best day but we will blame it on the cards.

   Tonight is the St. Andrew`s Day party at dance group and I am in charge of refreshments. I iced some Empire biscuits this afternoon and will take the tablet I made on Friday. Thank goodness I got everything done before I got sick!

Don`t they look yummy!


  1. Those look good. Are they like shortbread? -Jenn

    1. Yes, it's my favourite recipe for shortbread, just flour cornstarch and icing sugar - and, of course butter! It's all done in the food processor so super easy.