Saturday 19 November 2016

A New Recipe

    Quite a change in the weather today, 7C this morning, dull with a few raindrops, down to 4C by the afternoon and will probably be close to freezing overnight.

   I slept in again this morning - it was 8:45 before I surfaced. I had a late night last night as I was "ushering" at Markham theatre for the production of "Doubt" and didn't turn off the light until 11:30. It was well into the play before I realized it was the script from the movie of the same name which I saw a couple of years ago. The acting was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially since the ushering duties are minimal.

   With the late start to the day I felt behind the 8-ball all morning. But I did get all my chores taken care of before lunch, had a nap then watched the semifinals of the tennis. The Murray/Raonic match was extremely close but Murray won in the final tiebreak. Too bad for the Canadian! The other match was rather one sided so it will be Murray and Djokovic in the final tomorrow.

   Chicken legs and veggies roasting in the oven but I have been nibbling so won't eat for another hour. Forsyte Saga on TV at 8:00 - I have ordered the series from the library as I missed a couple of episodes while on holiday - and I've had the gas fire on so the room is nice and cozy. I am currently watching an Italian chef cook a simple version of Eggplant Parmigiana and it looks so easy and tasty I might just try it. Reminder to self - buy an eggplant and some pecorino cheese tomorrow! Now he's cooking stuffed calamari but I think I'll give that a pass.

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