Sunday, 27 November 2016

Change of Plans

   This was supposed to be a busy weekend but now I have had a change of plans due to a stomach bug which hit me right after lunch. I was fine this morning but now am shivery and nauseous, no way could I make it to Donna`s birthday celebration! I slept most of the afternoon and took some Pepto-bismal which should stop some of the symptoms.

    Yesterday was busy as I had an afternoon ticket for `Don Giovanni` at Cineplex, on their `Live From the Met` series. It was quite spectacular although I think I nodded off during one of the longer arias! I got home around 4:00 and had a short nap before heading over to Cathie and Frank`s for dinner. There were seven of us altogether so it was a convivial meal. I just hope that wasn`t what made me sick today. No more food for me until tomorrow!

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