Thursday, 17 November 2016


Lots of colourful houses by the sea in Villajoyosa, south of Benidorm. We took the train there.
   Another mild, sunny day with the high around 12C.  Probus meeting this morning - the speaker was from "Dignitas", telling us how to pre-plan our funerals! But I had a nice chat with friends over coffee, signed up for next week's lunch at "The Pickle Barrel" and won a freezer lunch bag which won't go wrong. So worthwhile attending despite the depressing subject matter (one friend went home before the speaker - couldn't stand being forced to think of such a morbid topic).

    I had to wait in for the furnace guy this afternoon so didn't get to enjoy the nice weather. However, he got my gas fire started for the winter so I am nice and cozy again. The remote isn't working but he showed me how to start it manually so I guess that will do for now. I only use it in the evenings to warm up the family room while I'm watching TV.

    Thursday is a good night on TV so that's what I will be doing shortly. Fried fish, Brussel sprouts and mushrooms (from last night) for dinner and I think I will fry up half a tomato for a bit of colour. Also must remember to eat the red peppers I bought this week as the last lot got soft before I got around to them. Trying to eat more vegetables and less carbs is tricky!

   More photos:

Underwater fish viewing while visiting Benidorm island - we were crowded into a little submarine.

Sunrise from my balcony - quite spectacular some mornings!

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