Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Keeping Busy

   With all my usual fitness classes over until the new year I habitually at this time get some long delayed chores done. Today was no exception. First off was to put away the last of the Christmas decorations. I took the tree down on Boxing Day as I had nothing else to do; yesterday I boiled the carcass of the bird (this year, again, we had a capon and lovely and juicy it was) so today there was a quick trip to the grocery store (blessedly quiet) to pick up the veg for the chicken soup. This all got done before lunch with the soup bubbling away while I had a nap.

    When I got up I decided to make some marmalade as the clementines left over from Christmas lunch were already getting soft. I found a great recipe in my "Preserving and Pickling" guide book on all things domestic and made three jars of marmalade with one pound of clementines and a lemon (and, of course, a ton of sugar). It seems to have turned out well but I will have to wait and see if it has set as I couldn't get the temperature up to the proscribed 105 degrees. Best part, it called for 2 tbsps. of Cointreau so I had a swig while the bottle was open - very tasty!
These jars of chicken soup are going in the freezer. Notice I craftily left a space for expansion as I have had nasty accidents when using glass containers in the freezer.

Not a bad result from a few clementines and a lemon. One jar is only half full so I will use it first.

My preserving bible - I particularly like some of the chutney recipes.


  1. I've made a variety of jams over the years, but I've never made marmalade. My husband really likes it. Maybe I'll have to give it a try sometime. -Jenn

  2. Unfortunately it was a bit runny but tasty nevertheless. I actually find marmalade easier than jam but there is an awful lot of chopping and slicing.