Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fun With the Grandkids

     Judy went into school today and dropped the kids off just before 8:30. We had a good day which included watching tennis (me), playing with a new electronic game (Elliot), making cards and other crafts (Natalie and James), and walking up to the library (all of us) which included  a stop at Tim Hortons for a coffee (me) and Creamy Chills (the kids). After our long walk we needed some down time so we all watched a DVD that Natalie had borrowed from the Library.

    Despite our morning snack everyone was ready for lunch by 12:30 - ham sandwiches, devilled eggs and a cheese and veggies plate. Elliot, James and I had some soup too and Judy had what was left when she got back around 1:30. We played Monopoly while we waited for her so it was a busy, fun day for all.

   I cleaned the pool later in the afternoon - followed by a swim - and it looks much better. I even gave it a backwash and then filled it up a bit. I hope the weather tomorrow is warm enough for everyone to have a swim, but thunderstorms are forecast.

   A baked fish fillet for dinner tonight with some kale from the garden. I also made a bean casserole for tomorrow's dinner and had some of that too. Some Pralines and Cream ice ream for a treat after. Naughty me!

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