Saturday, 2 July 2016

Canada Day

   There were big plans for Canada Day on Friday but the weather interfered. I had planned to go to the social at the tennis club but woke up to quite heavy rain. I pottered around tidying the house for my dinner guests, setting the table, vacuuming, and putting the ribs on in the slow cooker. By 10:00 a.m., even though it was still raining slightly, I decided to head over to the tennis courts. At least there would be coffee and Timbits and, possibly, some others there to watch Wimbledon on TV.

   There were quite a few at the courts and a good match on TV. By the time I had finished my coffee the rain had stopped and we had the courts dry by 11:00. We played until 12:30 when lunch was ready - chicken souvlaki, green and potato salads - and delicious strawberry desserts.

   Then home to switch on the pool heater, stir the crock pot and have a nap. Unfortnately, with the skies clearing came a change in the wind and a drop in temperature so no chance of having a swim. Steve and Alison arrived around 4:00 p.m. and the Athertons by 4:30. It was even too chilly to sit or eat outside (although Elliot did try!) so we had nibbles around the coffee table.

    Judy (and James) helped with the barbecuing and we had dinner around the table, even though it was only set for the food. We ladies retired to the kitchen table and ate in peace while the guys ate with the kids, My strawberry rhubarb pie went down a treat along with two kinds of ice cream, blueberries and cupcakes. There was no pie left but I will have strawberries and ice cream tonight!

    I am still eating the leftovers for dinner tonight. It has remained cool and the big event today was that the technician from Enercare finally figured out what is wrong with my A/C. It needs a new part which will come in a day or two and then it will finally be fixed (I hope!) Luckily it is not going to be too hot for the next few days.

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