Wednesday, 20 July 2016

No Urgent Problems

    No news is good news - nothing of any import occurred which, after the last two weeks, is very welcome! Everything in my little universe is working (touch wood) nothing is hanging over my head or in need of my attention.

    They say problems occur in threes and I have had my three - pool leak, A/C problems and a broken garage door opener. The pool is only partially fixed but at least I am not losing water and the water is sparkly clean.

    Beautiful, sunny day and no humidity but I spent most of it indoors at the senior's centre. My fitness classes were interrupted because no one showed up in the morning to tend the coffee bar and I had to hustle to get coffee started. I was there until 2:30 when I decided "enough is enough" and counted the change and closed up shop. I have arranged to switch to mornings for the next few weeks and they will try to get someone for the afternoons which are not quite so busy. Several people are on holiday or at their cottage so Wednesday is not the only day with gaps in volunteer coverage.

    I got home in time to have a swim and relax in the garden, water the plants and finish my current book. Leftovers for dinner so I can relax for the rest of the evening!

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