Tuesday 19 July 2016

Tasty Dinner

     I made cauliflower fritters tonight and they turned out really well - only one fell apart as I was turning it. I had them with a small salmon fillet and a cob of corn so I am well fed and satisfied, mainly because the cauliflower was approaching its "best before" date and I turned it into something tasty and nourishing.

    There are only 4 ingredients, pre-cooked mashed cauliflower, an egg, grated cheese and panko crumbs. I added some Za'tar mix and pepper for a bit of spice. They were easy to form and fried up to a toasty brown in just minutes.

     It has been another gorgeous day and I was in the pool twice - once after tennis and again after filling the bins for garbage pickup tomorrow. I gave the bushes at the front border a haircut (they look so neat now!) so I had four full bins. I also managed to dig up some of the roots of the hedge which died last year. They have very stubbornly refused my efforts to remove them in the past but a bit of muscle today did the trick. Next year I will fill the border with some perennials - hosta or sedum which I already have and of which I can take cuttings next Spring.

   I got another couple of cherry tomatoes from the garden to have with my lunch today. The big tomatoes are turning orange but will still need another few days to ripen properly. Can't wait!

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