Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Heat Continues

   A scorcher today, 35C at one point this afternoon. I spent most of the day at the senior's centre which is nicely air conditioned, but even the short drive home had me sweating so it was straight into the pool (which, incidentally, is 82F). Since then I have been entrenched indoors, enjoying the cool.

    I had an innovative dinner last night - left over chicken, roasted red peppers and half an avocado in a spinach wrap - super easy and delicious. Some mayo spread on the wrap kept it quite moist and juicy. Tonight I made a dip with the rest of the avocado and some salsa and will grill a salmon fillet and fry some mushrooms later. That should be tasty. I also have to make cauliflower soup for tomorrow's lunch but that shouldn't take too long. Today my lunch was just half an apple and some sliced cucumber and red pepper.  Of course, being behind the counter at the coffee bar gave me free access to coffee and cookies and I have to admit I did indulge!

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