Tuesday 5 July 2016

Quite a Heatwave

   It is very hot again here - 31C I believe was the high today- and my A/C is still not fixed. The broken part was delivered in a huge box yesterday and a crew will be here to replace it on Thursday. Meanwhile I am trying to stay as cool as possible. The house interior is currently 24C and will probably rise a few more degrees before the sun goes down and I can open the windows. Sleeping may be difficult tonight and tomorrow night!

   I had a nice refreshing swim when I got home from tennis this morning and another after sorting out the garden refuse for tomorrow's pickup. I only played two sets of tennis today. The second set was quite strenuous - Yoshi and me against Debbie and William. We started out badly but came back to equalize, 4-4. My legs were quite wobbly when I got off the court so I finished my coffee and cake (a delicious apricot sponge brought by Maria) and departed for home, leaving the others to sweat in the sun!

   Nothing special for dinner tonight - sausages from last Friday's barbecue and a corn cob, but I have been overeating for the last few days and need a break from meat-heavy meals - perhaps fish should be on the menu tomorrow.

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