Wednesday 6 July 2016

Another Steamy Day

34C was the high today but the house is still quite comfortable and it has clouded over so may cool down tonight. The A/C guys are scheduled to come first thing tomorrow.

    I had to skip fitness class this morning as I had to get a cyst removed and although the actual procedure only took ten minutes, I was at the clinic for almost two hours! I also missed Milos Raonic making it into the semi finals at Wimbledon. I caught the last couple of games and he did better than Monday's match, only dropping one set . Hopefully I will get to see him play on Friday.

    It was quite busy at the coffee bar this afternoon and I had to make multiple pots of coffee. All the summer classes started this week but I may also have to miss Zumba Gold tomorrow afternoon if the A/C guys are still here.

   Last day of leftover sausages which I will have with a broccoli casserole tonight, no carbs. I am finding it quite easy to skip potatoes and bread although I did have a small piece of toast with my morning coffee. That hardly counts!


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