Thursday, 14 July 2016

Finally Some Rain

    We had a violent thunderstorm over night but it didn't keep me awake despite flashes of lightning. I dozed off thinking how badly the grass and garden needed rain. Another shower this morning around 7:30 so no tennis, although I took a walk over to the courts to see just how wet they were - definitely too wet to play. It was sprinkling as I walked over but that was the last of it.

    I spent the morning doing a few chores - the dust bunnies under my bed were the first to go - and intermittently watching the tennis from Hamburg. No big names playing but some interesting matches. Just before lunch I cut the back grass - it really didn't need much of a cut as it has largely gone dormant with the hot weather, but it does look neater now. I also pulled some weeds which had loosened up as a result of the rain.

   I had an early lunch (cauliflower soup and half an apple) and set off for my Zumba class on foot as it was still quite cool. It was quite a workout but I stayed for a coffee and cookies after. However, coming home all sweaty and tired, it was much warmer and by the time I got home I needed a rest. I was met at the door by the guy who was here to replace my gas meter (I wasn't expecting him today but knew it was to happen soon). He needed to get into the house to start up the furnace and water heater again. Immediately after he left I realized that he hadn't started up the pool heater, but he was just next door so came back to get that done.

My shiny new gas meter - free of charge from the gas company
    Finally I was able to take a nap (after a cooling swim) and felt quite refreshed after that. The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and now it's time to fix fried fish and peas for dinner.

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