Monday, 18 July 2016

Fresh Corn

    The farmer was at his usual spot on Birchmount today with his truck of fresh corn cobs and I bought 3 for $2. I will have one for dinner with more leftover chicken in a wrap with avocado and red pepper. I also found a recipe on Facebook for cauliflower fritters which I may or may not make tonight. It sounds easy - just mash cooked cauliflower and add panko crumbs, an egg and cheddar cheese. Then shape into fritters and fry until golden brown - tasty!

    I had great cards at Bridge today - made a small slam twice, though I was too chicken to bid that high. Pinkie was my partner and was not pleased that I stopped bidding too soon. I also had a big loss-bid 3NT and went down 2. Win some, lose some!

   Two swims today but the wind has come up so I think a cold front is heading our way. It's still in the 30's but I expect that will fall rapidly when the sun goes down. 

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