Wednesday, 29 June 2016

A Frustrating Day

   The pool guy came quite early this morning and fixed the leak. He did a great clean up afterwards but will be back in a day or two to replace the portion of deck he had to dig up. Since then (apart from a quick nip out to pick up groceries I will need tomorrow and Friday) I have been stuck at home waiting for the Enercare guys to show up. I had two different guys come at different times and the A/C is still not fixed. Someone will come back on Saturday to (hopefully) finish up. I couldn't even go out in the back yard in case I missed their phone call or doorbell! Meanwhile the A/C is still not working and I am praying for cool weather for the next few days, especially at night.

    I managed to amuse myself by keeping busy in the kitchen. I made a batch of carrot and lentil soup and baked a big strawberry rhubarb pie for Friday. It does look scrumptious. (OK I did go out in the back yard for five minutes to pick some rhubarb!). Since they left I have been reading "The Ice Child" by Camilla Lackberg. I highly recommend it, although it is quite gruesome, and I am at the exciting denoument. I had to miss Book Club this afternoon which was very annoying but it was either that or have to stay home tomorrow.

   I also watched some good tennis matches on TV although it was raining at Wimbledon. Luckily they have a roof on Centre Court. Both Canadians are quite easily through to the second round so next week will be exciting.

   Off to warm up some leftovers for dinner and there are still some strawberries left for dessert. Yum!

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