Friday 3 June 2016

Treats and Gossip

   No post yesterday as I went up to Port Perry late in the afternoon for a practice for the White Heather Ball which is on June 16th. It took me over an hour, fighting the rush hour traffic on the 401, then driving an interminable distance north of Whitby to get there. It was fun once I arrived and I did learn a couple of tricky dances, but driving home in the dark on a road I was unsure of was no picnic either. I don't think I will go there again.
   Gorgeous morning on the tennis courts - I stayed until noon, not playing all the time but had 4 sets, coffee and cookies, and caught up on the gossip, then helped Magda clear everything away so we are welcome next time. We really need to get people to wash and dry their own coffee cups - they must think their mother works there!

    I had two stops to make on the way home - the bank and the library - so it was almost 1:00 p.m. before I got in the house and straight into the pool. The water temperature is still hovering around 74F but was so refreshing after a sweaty morning that I stayed in for quite a while. Then lunch and a nap until about 2:30 when I did a bit of gardening. I cleared a little border by the back walkout and think I will put in another echinacia plant to attract butterflies - tomorrow is Senior's discount day at the garden centre so I will pick it up then. It had clouded over by then so it was quite comfortable working outdoors.

    Did I mention my visit to "The But and Ben"? It's a little Scottish bakery by the Civic Centre (I was there for the Planning Board hearing into the church application to close the walkway we use). I bought several unhealthy but delicious treats (pie, bridie, haggis)which I will have for dinner tonight - naughty me!

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