Thursday 9 June 2016

One Last Zumba Class

      Not as cool and windy today but too cool to swim - the water temperature is under 70F, too cold even for me! We did get up to 23C today but back in the teens now.

    I had my work cut out for me, taking notes at the RTO meeting this morning. It was long and with much discussion on several contentious topics. Now I have to type up the minutes and send them to everyone. The facility where we hold the meeting, Cedarbrook Lodge, was having a barbecue and we were invited to attend. Can you believe I was the only one to stay? I had a tasty hamburger with potato and Caesar salad and some nice company.

   The it was a quick change before heading over for the last Zumba class. I worked up quite a sweat and was ready for a nap by the time it was done I got up around 3:20 and spent the rest of the afternoon reading. I've started "A Certain Justice" by P.D. James and, although the book is big and heavy, I'm really enjoying it.

    After my big lunch I just made a frittata for dinner. I included some kale leaves from the garden - my first picking - and topped it with crumbled blue cheese. Seriously delicious!

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