Thursday, 23 June 2016

Out For Lunch Again

    Beautiful morning on the tennis courts with Kathy, Cathy and Chan. Mid 20's and no wind, perfect playing weather, but the winners were Cathy and Chan even though Kathy and I had some good games. I had a swim when I got home before getting changed for lunch with the RODEO ladies.

   Lunch today was at Bluffer's Restaurant, down by the lake. It's a beautiful location and the food is reasonable. I had Seafood Quiche with a salad and a glass of wine. After lunch I took a stroll down to the water and saw a heron surveying the world from a sailboat mast. Very nautical.

    A bit of gardening after my nap but it got a little cool so I didn't stay out long. I didn't need much dinner tonight so I made an omelet with mushroom, chicken and roasted red pepper - just whatever needed eaten up in the fridge. It also had some blue cheese sprinkled on top. There's another chocolate brownie calling to me from the freezer so I may indulge in that later!

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