Saturday 18 June 2016

A Big Night Out

   I'm doing an early blog today as I will be leaving for the White Heather Ball in a couple of hours. It's held just north of Oshawa in the General Sikorski Hall and the food is very Polish. I'm expecting to pig out on cabbage rolls and Weiner Schnitzel!

    Luckily the Hall is air conditioned as it is another scorcher today. I noticed the temperature was 33C when I logged in today. The pool is warming up nicely and I had a dip just before lunch after doing a (very) little gardening. Since then I have been hiding out indoors where it is still cool and have just finished practicing the dances for tonight. None are too hard but did need to be reviewed.

    I was woken up at 6:00 a.m. this morning by the little dog down the street barking his head off. For some reason his owners let him go at it for about 20 minutes and as I had all the windows open I kept waking up with each renewed chorus. I did manage to get back to sleep eventually and woke again at 7:30. Still, I didn't feel completely rested so hope this does not turn into a regular occurrence.

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