Monday 13 June 2016

A Busy Morning on the Computer

   I had the TV on early this morning to watch tennis from London (not the Wimbledon tournament) but it was raining and they were showing reruns of last year's matches so I switched off. I started typing up the Minutes from last week's RTO meeting and was still at it at 11:30 when I decided to call it a day.
I had just left myself time to get showered and dressed - and prepare a packed lunch - before it was time to leave the house for Bridge.

   I actually managed to play two hands, and made the contract in one, but I was still getting terrible cards most of the time. I hope my luck starts to improve soon. Marie had a grand slam! I made a blunder just as we were getting ready to leave. Sheila came over to ask if anyone was available to play on Thursday and I volunteered without remembering I had been invited to lunch after the Probus meeting that day. When I got home I called Sheila to see if she could get someone else but if she doesn't, I will have to play. I will be very disappointed if I have to miss the lunch!

   I have a basa fillet to cook for dinner tonight and still have not decided how to prepare it. I thought about kedgeree but am almost out of milk which I would need for the sauce. It will probably be baked in the oven with some vegetables and a spicy topping. I also have some asparagus to use up which will be a tasty side dish. No carbs though!

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