Saturday, 30 September 2017

Three Quarters of a Century

   Today is my birthday, quite a milestone, so I have been lazy and spoiled. Steve came over this morning and took me out for brunch - I had Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, delicious! Then he did a few chores around the house, checked the tire pressure in my car, brought in my outdoor furniture and disposed of my old desktop computer - what a relic that is! I much prefer my laptop.

   In the afternoon I had a big long nap, finished my current book (must remember to go to the library tomorrow as there are now two books waiting for me), and tidied up a bit of the garden. I am still picking tomatoes although they are taking longer to ripen with the shorter hours of sun. I also picked up some groceries and drove down to see if the farmer was still selling corn. He said he will be there for another couple of weeks so I will stop off again. His corn is the freshest - just picked yesterday. I don't know why anyone buys it at the grocery store.

      There's not much growing in the garden except this one rose.

The last rose - isn't it a beauty!


  1. Happy birthday to you!! That rose is beautiful - such a nice way to end the season. -Jenn

    1. Thanks, Jenn. I'm just happy to still be hale and hearty (touch wood).

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    1. Thanks, Silver Willow. I had a great day!