Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Busy, Busy

   A hectic start to the day - I was down at the tennis courts by 8:15 as no one was available to open up and start the coffee. Also the coffee creamer had gone walkabout so I had to make a quick run down to the store to stock up.

   Next stop was the RWTO meeting and I made it there by 9:10 giving me time to lay out the name tags and the book sale before the meeting started. Finished the meeting by 11:00 and I sold 59 books today ($29.50), a record! Then lunch at noon, salad, roast beef with veggies and horseradish. The caterer serves rice and potatoes with the meals which seems an inordinate amount of carbs so I don't eat either but the rest was quite filling. Apple pie and ice cream with coffee for dessert. I will just have a bowl of soup for dinner tonight.