Thursday, 21 September 2017

Too Busy!

   It must be raining somewhere but certainly not here. It has been very dry for the last two weeks and I have had to water the garden fairly frequently. Today was another hot one - mid 20's with not a cloud in sight.

   Probus meeting this morning and it was a different location. The upside was that on my way there I passed a farmer selling corn so stopped to buy some for tonight's dinner. I ran a few errands after the meeting but that was it for today. I have been feeling rather overwhelmed by the number of commitments I have made recently and need a quiet few days. That won't happen until the weekend.

   A bit of gardening this afternoon - I am cutting back some bushes by the front walk and filling the bins for next week's pickup. This will be an ongoing project  since I can only get rid of so much of the cuttings every other week, I filled four bins today. I will just do it gradually.

   Haven't decided on tonight's dinner other than the corn - probably something with eggs. I got a good fish recipe from the Ricardo magazine so that will be for tomorrow. 

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