Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Getting Things Done

   Another beautiful day - still quite summery but the pool is too cold for swimming. We had a good amount of rain yesterday so I put in some Shock to keep it blue. The guys aren't doing the weekly chemical check any more.

   I had a call today from the contractor who is to repair my front walk. He is coming tomorrow to start on it which isn't exactly convenient for me but I want to be here to make sure he lifts the flagstones and stores them so they can be replaced when the base is finished. It will probably take them at least a couple of days. Keeping my fingers crossed that it gets done successfully and to my liking.

   Tennis this morning and I had two good sets then helped Hendrina on the board. The drive to the courts took a bit longer but not as bad as I expected. We finished just before noon so I came home for lunch, a nap and some more US Open. I have defrosted some lamb chops for dinner, one of the few red meats I enjoy and quite a treat. Will grill them and just cook some peas to go with them. Mint sauce on the side.

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