Friday, 15 September 2017

Secretarial Duties

    Super summer weather continues - it was actually quite humid on the tennis courts this morning and we were all sweating a bit. I had three good sets but was not quite as on my game as Tuesday. Isn't that the way?

   I actually slept for quite a while this afternoon, must have been all the fresh air. I hope I can still sleep tonight. I finished my book and it will go back to the library tomorrow but, luckily, I still have something else to read from the stockpile I keep in the garage. This will go to sell at the RWTO lunch next Tuesday but I should have the book finished by then.

   Still working on the RTO Minutes! Why does it take me so long, you may be asking? It's not that they are complicated, it's just my lack of motivation. I work on them for a while, then reward myself with a treat (snack, TV or checking my e-mail and blogs). The problem is if I wait too long my notes no longer make sense so I am left to puzzle over the entries and try to make something coherent of it! Gary will check it before it goes out to the rest of the Executive and he is quite picky (not like Bill, the last President).

   A nice little piece of trout for dinner but I may have to cook it half frozen as I forgot to take it out of the freezer in time. I will finally finish the broccoli tonight, am getting very sick of it. I will douse it in cheese sauce for a nice change. My lunch was an egg salad sandwich as there were eggs to use up and very delicious it was in a croissant with some roasted red pepper.

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