Thursday, 28 September 2017

Two Treats

   Much cooler today - only got up to 18C - with a north wind. I walked to the mall (about 20 mins.) to get my library book - it's good! - and cashed in $10 worth of Air Miles at Metro. I love free food! That is the only time I shop at Metro as it is more expensive than No Frills.

   Speaking of free food - I had a trip to Bulk Barn yesterday to use a $3 off coupon and, of course, spent more than I needed to use the coupon, probably the strategy behind the offer! But cashews were on special so that's my treat.

   My new library book is "Harbour Street" by Ann Cleves (I wonder if she is a descendant of the wife of Henry VIII with the same name) and this book and others have been made into a TV series which I have enjoyed in the past. The main character is DI Vera Stanhope, an unprepossessing but astute policewoman who is very good at solving murders.

   Lunch with the Probus ladies today. We went to Watt's Restaurant and I had a very good bacon and tomato quiche with salad. So just soup and a tomato sandwich for dinner (and the aforementioned cashews!).

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