Sunday, 17 September 2017

Money Problems

   Another scorcher today. It was 28C when I was coming home from demo practice around 4:00 p.m. Got a nasty shock at the bank machine - my chequing account was almost empty. I usually have a cushion of around $1000 but there was only $80! I immediately suspected what had happened - the post dated cheque I had written to the guys doing the path had gone through. Grrrr! I will have a talk with them and the bank tomorrow and see what they will do. Also the telecom company charged me more than the agreed upon payment I negotiated last week. Another phone call to make tomorrow.

    We only played tennis for an hour this morning - as there were just three of us we had to play Australian singles ( the server has the singles court) which is much more tiring. I was the first to bail out but I did win two of my singles games. The effort was just too much!

   The second episode of Outlander is on TV tonight so I will have a quick dinner, tidy the kitchen and settle in for good hour in front of the set. I missed the Davis Cup match this afternoon but Canada was victorious!

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