Monday, 4 September 2017

Labour Day

  The last of the holidays... and easy driving in the city. Tomorrow's drive to the tennis club will be considerably longer than usual. A beautiful day - we were in summer mode at the tennis social today. However, I was praying for the promised thunderstorm to materialize this afternoon as I need the pool filled up. So far just a sprinkle but there is thunder hovering around. It may still come as it is getting very dark.

   A bit of tennis (it was very busy so we only had 20 minutes on the court at a time) and a nice lunch of chicken skewers, potato salad, pasta and greens. Also cake and cookies and as much coffee as you wanted. Not a bad deal and it was FREE!

    I left around 1:30 and have been watching the US Open since then. A couple of exciting matches and the sublime Roger (Federer) is playing this evening. Can't miss that!

   Just some shrimp and the rest of the mashed cauliflower from yesterday. It was very good with lots of cheese, much nicer than mashed potatoes.


  1. Yes, traffic was 'back to normal', normal being sucky. ;)

    1. I hit a couple of bottlenecks at school crossings but it wasn't too much longer.