Friday, 22 September 2017

We Need Rain!

   Still hot and dry and the weekend is supposed to continue that way. The lawns are looking rather scorched but no point watering them. I am just keeping the tomato plants wet.

   Tennis this morning (two sets, that was enough for me) then a couple of errands on the way home - first, gassed up the car ($30) then picked up a prescription ($34, but I will get some of that back), an expensive morning. While I was in the drug store the pharmacist went through a very detailed questionnaire with me to ascertain that my prescriptions were not conflicting in any way. It took about 15 minutes and was very thorough but I think I passed. Only suggestion - I should be eating oatmeal! I can do that.

   Gardening for a while this afternoon until my hands got too sore. I was still pruning and sawing the bush. Then just reading. I made cauliflower croquettes for dinner last night and will have that again tonight with corn and pickled beetroot. No dessert but I may have some almonds and dried fruit later.

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