Thursday, 7 September 2017

Dressing For the Weather

   Very cool and overcast today with a little bit of rain this afternoon. It only got up to 19C so I was into Fall clothes. RTO meeting this morning - very tedious and long with a lot of unnecessary discussion but I'm secretary so have to stay to take down the Minutes. It didn't finish until almost noon but Marilyn, Donna and I went for a nice relaxing lunch after and I had minestrone soup and crab cakes, two of my favourites. I'm going out later so I'll just have a little piece of quiche for dinner.

   Tonight I am ushering at Judy's theatre production. It's an easy job and then we get to watch the play. She tried out for one of the parts but was not quite what they needed age wise. It's in a new location so I hope I can find my way there.

   The last blooms on the hibiscus plant before it comes inside for the winter.



  1. That's a beautiful pink color.

    1. Unfortunately they fade very quickly. They are pretty well past their best today.

  2. beautiful hibiscus! If I can't rid my roses of the spider mites this fall, I might have to go with more hibicus in the spring. Sure, they can get spider mites too, but they seem to handle it better and are easier to rid themselves of. Enjoy the fall air!