Monday, 11 September 2017

A Change For the Better

    First night of my dance group and we have a new teacher. It's one of our members so hope it works out for us (and him!). Our old teacher decided to retire as she is well on in years and was finding it hard to keep up so felt it was time to go. We are sorry to see her leave but, truth be told, it was time.

   I attended a new craft club this morning run by RTO (so free coffee!). We are making, either knit or crochet, "Twiddle Muffs". These are for Alzhiemers or dementia patients who need something to fiddle with. I will post photos when we have made some. It doesn't look hard and we saw several different styles which we will try to emulate.

   I went from there to Bridge group and had a few good hands, then home for a nap. Later I walked up to the library and back (4,000 steps) to pick up a new Liane Moriarty book. I have been on the hunt for something decent to read (i.e. something that will hold my attention for more than a few pages!) and I think I have finally found it. I enjoyed her last book "Big Little Lies". This one is called "Truly, Madly Guilty".

   A quick dinner of leftovers as I have to be out by 6:30, but there will be tea and cookies at break time!


  1. You hardly have time to take a breath! Surprised you can read more than a few pages without falling asleep.

  2. That is a problem but I occasionally pick up a book in the afternoon for an hour or two. I like to keep busy and housework isn't on my radar!