Saturday, 9 September 2017

Catching Up With News

  PBS is showing "Wuthering Heights" tonight so I am engrossed in that. I've been out the last two evenings so am enjoying a restful night at home. I have been sleeping badly (too much on my mind, I think) but last night I had a really good sleep and woke up fully rested. 

   The pathway is finished and I will post a photo shortly. The guys worked so hard relaying the heavy flagstones but, luckily it wasn't too hot a day. Just one problem, it ended up higher than the driveway and they had to smooth the difference out with some asphalt - not too aesthetically pleasing. However, I can live with it and it's certainly better than before.

   Very cool overnight for the last few days and I have stopped running the pump on the pool. This is the earliest I have ever stopped using it. This afternoon I spent some time removing a couple of birds' nests from above the awning in the back yard - what a mess! Every year they come back and rebuild in the same spot and it's impossible to discourage them.

   A nice piece of fish tonight along with a big helping of broccoli. I have done quite well on the reduced carbs front today, just a piece of toast with my breakfast coffee!

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  1. My husband actually began closing up the pool this weekend. This may be the earliest he's done this. -Jenn