Sunday 1 October 2017

October Begins

    Beautiful day although it started out cool - 8C. By the time I got to the tennis courts it was considerably warmer and it didn't take me long to strip off a couple of layers. We played for almost an hour and a half but Kathy and Ohm were the winners 6-4. I was just glad we didn't have to play a tie break!

   Another treat today - my breakfast present from Starbucks. I took my own coffee and had a sausage, cheddar and egg in a muffin, very tasty. My friend from dance group, Karen, came by walking her dog and caught me out front cutting back a bush so we chatted for a while. Her dog is so cute! Then lunch, a nap and a walk up to the library for my books, and I've been reading ever since. My kind of day!

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