Monday 30 October 2017

On the Go

   Very cold and blustery today with a high of only 8C. There was a bit of sun in the morning but otherwise overcast.

   Out by 8:40 this morning for my dental appointment - just a cleaning - then straight to Hava Java. I was in charge of registering everyone as Donna is on a cruise. We had 23 participants and they seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and the coffee. Two new members.

   Straight from there to Bridge. It was nice to be back with my usual foursome and my partner and I had some good hands. Then home for a nap but I didn`t sleep so I should have no trouble dropping off tonight. I have managed to get hold of a copy of the book we are discussing at Book Club on Thursday but I doubt I will have it finished by then.

    Scottish Country dance group tonight. I hope Nigel teaches some of the dances we will be expected to know at the next dance as I have missed so many sessions. Just fish with spinach in a butternut squash and curry sauce for dinner tonight - one of my favourite flavours. It`s a nice light meal when I have to rush out and be active.

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